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Bigg Boss Marathi Vote: Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Voting Online - Bigg Boss is one of the biggest reality TV shows in India. Bigg Boss wa...

Bigg Boss Marathi Vote: Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Voting Online

Bigg Boss Marathi Vote: Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Voting Online - Bigg Boss is one of the biggest reality TV shows in India. Bigg Boss was started in India in 2007. It was first started in a Hindi version later other versions of Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada was also begun. Finally, the Marathi version of the show started last year (2018) in April.

This year the show started on 26 May and ends on 1 September 2019, this is the season 2 of Bigg Boss Marathi. For 105 days, 15 housemates must live in the Bigg Boss house for the prize money of 50 lakhs. The show is hosted by Mahesh Manjrekar and it is aired on Colors Marathi. It is aired at 9:30 every Monday to Saturday and on Sundays, the telecast begins at 9 pm.
Bigg Boss Marathi Vote
Bigg Boss Marathi Vote

Bigg Boss Marathi Vote

If your favorite contestant is nominated for elimination, the only person who can save him/her is yourself. You might be thinking how? It is by doing Bigg Boss Marathi Vote. Now, you might be wondering how to vote for Bigg Boss Marathi. I will tell you every step about it below. 

You can do Bigg Boss Marathi Voting in two methods, both online and offline. First, we will talk about online voting.

Bigg Boss Marathi Voting (Online)

There are 3 ways to vote online. The three ways are:
-   Bigg Boss Marathi Voting through Voot.com
-   Bigg Boss Marathi Vote through Voot app
-   Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Voting via our website

Bigg Boss Voting through Voot.com
-   Go to voot official website by clicking the following link - www.voot.com
-   Sign up to voot.com using your Facebook or Gmail account. 
-   When you are signed in, search 'Bigg Boss Marathi Vote' in the search bar which is at the top right corner of the page.
-   Then you will be shown with the nominated contestants for elimination, click on the contestant for whom you want to vote.
-   That's it, your vote is officially submitted.

Bigg Boss Vote through Voot app
-   Go to Google Play Store or App Store, and download Voot official app.
-   After the app gets installed, open the app.
-   Sign up with your Facebook or Gmail account.
-   After that, search Bigg Boss Marathi in the search bar.
-   Click on the contestant whom you want to vote for.
-   Your vote will be counted.

Bigg Boss Marathi Voting via our website
We have kept a pool below, which is the unofficial Bigg Boss Marathi season 2 voting pool. You are shown with the names of the nominated contestants. Choose the contestant to whom you want to vote.

The specialty of this voting pool is that, when you vote for a contestant, you can know how many votes other contestants are getting. The votes of other celebrities is voted only by the people who come to our website. 

Bigg Boss Marathi Voting (Offline)

Now, coming to the offline method. There is only one way through which you can do voting offline. You might be thinking this is useless, but this is useful when you don't have a proper internet connection.

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Vote via Missed Call
-   Note down the phone number of the contestant to whom you want to vote. (the number is given during the telecast of the show)
-   Call to that number during the voting time period.
-   That's it! Your vote will be counted.

Bigg Boss Marathi Contestants (Season 2)

Kishori Shahane (SAFE)
Neha Shitole (SAFE)
Veena Jagtap (SAFE)
Digamber Naik (Eliminated in Week 3)
Shivani Surve (Thrown out)
Abhijeet Kelkar (SAFE)
Shiv Thakre (SAFE)
Abhijit Bichukale (SAFE)
Vaishali Mhade (SAFE)
Surekha Punekar (SAFE)
Parag Bharat (SAFE) 
Vidyadhar Joshi (Eliminated in Week 4)
Maithili Javkar (Eliminated in Week 2)
Madhav Bhosle (SAFE)
Rupali Bhosle (SAFE)

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Details 

Show Name - Bigg Boss Marathi
Season - 2
Genre - Reality TV Show
Host - Mahesh Manjrek
Timing - 9 pm - 10:30 pm
Telecast - Colors Marathi
Language - Marathi
Prize Money - Rs.50 Lakhs

Rules of Bigg Boss House

The contestants must speak only in Marathi, over-usage of other languages could result in some punishment for the contestant. There might be chances of fights between the contestants, no contestant is allowed to use his hands during the fights and abusive language. No relations are allowed. Contestants are allowed to sleep only during the night and not during the day-time. They need to wake up in the morning when the song is played. 

The house is filled with over 50+ cameras and every moment of the contestant is recorded. The cameras are everywhere except the washrooms. At the beginning of the show, each contestant is given a microphone which is used to record the voice of the contestants. They need to keep it always with them, expect while using washrooms. Every week, the house members will be given with a task and whoever performs the task well, they will be chosen as the house captain for the rest of the week. No cooked food is provided to the contestants. Only raw food is provided and the contestants need to cook it by themselves. 

No contestant is allowed to leave the house without Bigg Boss's permission. They need to bring into Bigg Boss's notice if they want to leave the house.

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Bigg Boss Marathi Nomination & Elimination Process

During the first week of the show, there is no elimination. There is a confession room inside the Bigg Boss house. Every contestant is called to the room at the beginning of every week. The contestants are supposed to nominate 2 members of the house and state a reason for doing nominating them. Top five contestants with most nominations get nominated for that particular week eliminations.

During the week, there is both online and offline voting. The viewers of the show are the one to decided which contestant to be eliminated. During the voting pool, the contestant with the least votes gets eliminated from the show. The contestant who is to be eliminated will be announced on Sunday every week by Mahesh Manjrekar. 

These are the complete details about Bigg Boss Marathi Vote: Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Voting Online. Make sure to take part in the voting and get your favorite contestant the Bigg Boss Marathi title. Share the article on social media with your friends if you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.